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How to use arms-she in a sentence. Arms-she pronunciation.

Nell was holding out her arms-she was crying aloud to him across the sand and the cactus and the lava.
Even the little one in her arms,-she too, seemed unreal!
On and on went the glorious voice, searching my soul's depths; but when she came to the words- 'Thou, O Christ, art all I want,' she stretched up her arms-she had quite forgotten us, her voice had borne her to other worlds-and sang with such a passion of 'abandon' that my soul was ready to surrender anything, everything.
A terrible voluptuous thrill ran down her arms-she was going to know her voluptuous consummation.

Examples of Arms-she

Example #1
She was in trouble, and he had been forgetting.
Example #2
There was tragic woe in this sweet face.
Example #3
Ramona did not know it, but her nerves were still partially paralyzed.
Example #4
Her baby in her arms; the faithful creatures, Baba and Benito, gayly trotting along at a pace so swift that the carriage seemed gliding; Felipe by her side,-the dear Felipe,-his eyes wearing the same bright and loving look as of old,-what strange thing was it which had happened to her to make it all seem unreal?
Example #5
As she sang the appealing words, her face was lifted up, and she saw none of us; but she must have seen some one, for the cry in her voice could only come from one who could see and feel help close at hand.
Example #6
Every word, with all its weight of meaning, came winging to our souls, till we found ourselves gazing afar into those stately halls of Zion, with their daylight serene and their jubilant throngs.