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Definition of Arrow-shaped

  • like an arrow head without flaring base lobes; -- of a leaf shape.

How to use arrow-shaped in a sentence. Arrow-shaped pronunciation.

The '_arrow-shaped_' base you can find in the arrow-weed in the brook.
Arrow-shaped Ear-shaped Halberd-shaped] "Dicky is just right," laughed Helen.
Longer but much narrower than the ovum, the tiny arrow-shaped spermatozoon is particularly distinguished by its active motility, for it has a tail that propels it.

Examples of Arrow-shaped

Example #1
The shape like the old-time weapon, the '_halberd_' is seen in the common sorrel.
Example #2
That one is wider than it is long.
Example #3
They are all descriptive-'_pointed_,' '_acute_,' '_obtuse_,' '_truncate_,' '_notched_,' and so on," answered Helen.
Example #4
The human male cell must travel some distance to reach the point where it can meet a ripe and vigorous ovum; and since the journey is not without danger to its life, Nature has provided that exceedingly large numbers of the male cells shall be deposited in the vagina at the time of the marital relation.
Example #5
The male germinal cell is like the female cell in the possession of a nucleus; in other respects it is very different.