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Definition of Arson

  • The malicious burning of a dwelling house or outhouse of another man, which by the common law is felony; the malicious and voluntary firing of a building or ship.
  • malicious burning to destroy property

How to use arson in a sentence. Arson pronunciation.

His conscience is thus purified by fire, the gale being favourable to arson.
The thing is on the statute-books-nay, in the very Constitution itself -and to offend against it, they say, is as much a crime as to commit larceny, arson or murder.
The law that makes larceny, arson or murder a crime merely registers, and emphasizes, and makes effective through the power of the Government, the dictates of the moral sense of practically all mankind; and if, in the case of some kindred crimes, it goes beyond those dictates for special reasons, the extension is only such as is called for by the circumstances.
He speaks bitterly of the proposal to permit "light wines and beer," and asks whether any one would propose to permit light burglary or light arson.
If the laws against larceny, or arson, or burglary, or murder, were executed in this fashion, what standing would the law have in anybody's mind?
He advocated bloodshed, arson, sabotage of all sorts, as a means to an end.
They secured a small percentage of idealists and pseudo-intellectuals, and taught them a so-called internationalism which under the name of brotherhood was nothing but a raid on private property, a scheme of pillage and arson.
Thus, openly, and yet with infinite caution, was spread the doctrine of no God; of no government, and of no church; of the confiscation of private property; of strikes and unrest; of revolution, rape, arson and pillage.
These arson trusts are not the ordinary kind of firebugs whom the firemen plentifully damn in the fixed belief that one-fourth of all fires are kindled by incendiaries.
This talk of an arson trust is bosh-yellow journalism.
Meanwhile, Douglas was arrested, taken before the magistrate, and the information for a charge of murder in the first degree perpetrated in committing arson has been obtained.
You are all under arrest for arson.
It has been proved that a man can be so hypnotized that in a certain time which has been suggested to him, he will murder or commit arson or theft; that, under hypnotic influence, the personal morale of the individual has only a small influence upon his conduct; the subject obeys the hypnotic suggestions, no matter how immoral they are.
This talk of an arson trust is bosh - yellow journalism.
Douglas was arrested, taken before the magistrate, and the information for a charge of murder in the first degree perpetrated in committing arson has been obtained.
I could forgive a good deal in a cook with that touch,—anything short of arson and assassination!
He thought the object was robbery, and perhaps arson and murder, but he would not think that I was in the least danger.
Arson, for instance, was a particularly heinous offence-when committed by a negro.
I saw Parker while I was down at the shop; he'd jest got back from town; and he told me that the grand jury that's now in session would indict them fellers to-day, and as court is already set they may be brought to trial for murderous assault and arson right away, and I want to tell you that they'll do well if they save their necks.
Raynham counterbalanced arson with an authentic ghost seen by Miss Clare in the left wing of the Abbey-the ghost of a lady, dressed in deep mourning, a scar on her forehead and a bloody handkerchief at her breast, frightful to behold! and no wonder the child was frightened out of her wits, and lay in a desperate state awaiting the arrival of the London doctors.

Examples of Arson

Example #1
It is a pity that so excellent an object as a brick chapel should be the evil genius of the play.
Example #2
He goes out into the storm and sets the thing alight.
Example #3
But they may repeat this doctrine until Doomsday, and make little impression upon persons who exercise their common sense.
Example #4
WELL MEANING exhorters, shocked at the spectacle of millions of perfectly decent and law-abiding Americans showing an utter disregard of the Prohibition law, are prone to insist that to violate this law, or to abet its violation, is just as immoral as to violate any other criminal law.
Example #5
However desirable it may be that the sudden transformation of an innocent act into a crime by mere governmental edict should carry with it the same degree of respect as is paid to laws against crimes which all normal men hold in abhorrence, it is idle to expect any such thing; and in a case where the edict violates principles which almost all of us only a short time ago held to be almost sacred, the expectation is worse than merely idle.