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I too am an artist, though but a poor one, and that-namely, that I am a poor artist-I am going to prove to you on the spot.
And there is another artist,-I should like to know what you would say of him.
But if Flaubert is really the Continental emancipator of the novel from the restrictions of form, the master to whom we of the English persuasion, we of the discursive school, must for ever recur is he, whom I will maintain against all comers to be the subtlest and greatest _artist_-I lay stress upon that word artist-that Great Britain has ever produced in all that is essentially the novel, Laurence Sterne....

Examples of Artist-i

Example #1
Only there is one thing I will ask of you," he added, as he smoothed the sheets which lay on the music-desk with his hand; "think of me what you will, call me egotist even, I don't object to that; but don't call me a man of the world, that name is insufferable.
Example #2
The first adagio went off with tolerable success, although Panshine made several mistakes.
Example #3
One who is the maker of all the works of all other workmen.
Example #4
Wait a little, and there will be more reason for your saying so.
Example #5
The confusion between the standards of a short story and the standards of the novel which leads at last to these-what shall I call them?-_Westminster Gazettisms?_-about the correct length to which the novelist should aspire, leads also to all kinds of absurd condemnations and exactions upon matters of method and style.
Example #6
It is not extensively read in this country; it is not yet, I believe, translated into English; but there it is-and if it is new to the reader I make him this present of the secret of a book that is a precious wilderness of wonderful reading.