Aspen-leafe in a sentence

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How to use aspen-leafe in a sentence. Aspen-leafe pronunciation.

Again the head of one of the secretaries was furtively raised, the hands shook like aspen-leaves, and the eyes gave one rapid glance toward the side of the table where Gunther sat.
Along the grass lay the warm strong colours of the evening sun, reddening the pine-stems and yellowing the idle aspen-leaves.
Always, whether there were breeze or not, the aspen-leaves quivered, ceaselessly, wonderfully, like his pulses, beyond his control.

Examples of Aspen-leafe

Example #1
The emperor, as before, was too blinded by passion to see any thing save the innocent object of his wrath.
Example #2
I have already tasted grass.
Example #3
For a moment it had hung in doubt whether the pic-nic could survive the two rude shocks it had received.
Example #4
The dowagers were now firmly planted on Olympus.
Example #5
Often he reclined against a mossy rock beside a mountain stream to listen, to watch, to feel all that was there, while his mind held a haunting, dark-eyed vision of a girl.
Example #6
He loved to fling himself down in an aspen-grove at the edge of a senaca, and there lie in that radiance like a veil of gold and purple and red, with the white tree-trunks striping the shade.