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How to use ass in a sentence. Ass pronunciation.

Meanwhile, it happened that there was a grievous famine in Samaria, so that an ass’s head sold for eighty pieces of silver.
Between an ox and ass.’ 4.
The ring hangs from the neck of a monster with a human head having ass’s ears, the neck is snake-like, bat’s wings are upon the shoulders, the paws are those of a wolf.

Examples of Ass

Example #1
He was at once proclaimed emperor by the army, and its choice was confirmed by the Senate.
Example #2
Benhadad, in this time of national distress, came with mighty host and besieged the city; but in the night, in his camp was heard a mighty sound of chariots and horses, and a panic ensued, and the Syrians fled, leaving every thing behind them.
Example #3
In argument I chanced to hear A Carnal and a Crane.
Example #4
Where are the silken sheets That Jesus was wrapt in?’ 7.
Example #5
To the body is conjoined a grotesque head with lolling tongue, the head wrapped in a close hood.
Example #6
It is a door handle from a church in the High Street of Gloucester, and a more extraordinary admixture of incongruous details could not very readily be imagined.