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It would be nothing strange, but rather in keeping with their previous mutations of fortune, if the names of Asurnazirpal and Asurbanipal should be familiar as household words to future generations that have forgotten the existence of an Alexander, a Caesar, and a Napoleon.
If you would see some of the documents of this marvellous library you have but to step past the winged lions of Asurnazirpal and enter the Assyrian hall just around the corner from the Rosetta Stone.
But the veritable books are no farther away than the next room beyond the hall of Asurnazirpal.

Examples of Asurnazirpal

Example #1
For when Macaulay's prospective New Zealander explores the ruins of the British Museum the records of the ancient Assyrians will presumably still be there unscathed, to tell their story as they have told it to our generation, though every manuscript and printed book may have gone the way of fragile textures.
Example #2
And to-day, after these centuries of oblivion, these names are restored to history, and, thanks to the character of their monuments, are assured a permanency of fame that can almost defy time itself.
Example #3
Indeed, the great slabs of stone from which the lions themselves are carved are in a sense books, inasmuch as there are written records inscribed on their surface.
Example #4
There was at least one king of Assyria-namely, Asurbanipal, whose palace boasted a library of some ten thousand volumes-a library, if you please, in which the books were numbered and shelved systematically, and classified and cared for by an official librarian.
Example #5
They occupy part of a series of cases placed down the centre of this room.
Example #6
The inscriptions on the flanks of the lions are, however, only makeshift books.