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How to use at in a sentence. At pronunciation.

The people at home have sent you something to nibble at,” remarked the Father, as Daniel got up.
And Harry is very good to look at,” says my lady, with her fond eyes regarding the young man.
On other matters she was communicative enough, telling the writer, amongst other things, that since he saw her she had been twice married, and both times very well, for that her first husband, by whom she had the two daughters, whom the writer “kept staring at,” was a man every inch of him, and her second, who was then on the Downs grinding knives with a machine he had, though he had not much manhood, being nearly eighty years old, had something much better, namely, a mint of money, which she hoped shortly to have in her possession.

Examples of At

Example #1
Daniel riveted his eyes on the monk, took the box, hesitated for a while, and then opened it.
Example #2
The Father looked about the room: his eyes fell on a round, wooden box lying on a chair; it looked like a cake box.
Example #3
On the night of a ball and birthday, when one of the pretty, kind princesses was to come out, it was agreed that her brother, Prince William Henry, should dance the opening minuet with her, and he came to visit the household at their dinner.
Example #4
The loudness, the bigness, boisterousness, creaking boots and rattling oaths, of the young princes, appeared to have frightened the prim household of Windsor, and set all the tea-cups twittering on the tray.
Example #5
Ryley, like most of the Bosvils, was a tinker by profession; but though a tinker, he was amazingly proud and haughty of heart.
Example #6
All her Christianity she appeared to have flung to the dogs, for when the writer spoke to her on that very important subject she made no answer save by an indescribable Gipsy look.