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Iudex adulterii ante oculos habere debet et inquirere, an maritus pudice vivens mulieri quoque bonos mores colendi auctor fuerit periniquum enim videtur esse, ut pudicitiam vir ab uxore exigat, quam ipse non exhibeat.
And in the _Auctor ad Herennium_ we find (III.
Hi narrata ferunt alio; mensuraque ficti Crescit, et auditis aliquid novus adjicit auctor: Illic Credulitas, illic temerarius Error, Vanaque Laetitia est, consternatique Timores, Seditioque repens, dubioque auctore Susurri.

Examples of Auctor

Example #1
Scis improbum esse qui ab uxore pudicitiam exigit, ipse alienarum corruptor uxorum.
Example #2
Provided it is established that by your life you give her an example of fidelity.
Example #3
Quintilian echoes (I. 11. 3): "Ne gestus quidem omnis ac motus a comediis petendus est....
Example #4
In the rhetoricians frequent warning is issued to the forensic neophyte to avoid the unrestraint of theatrical gesticulation.
Example #5
Oh! make the age to come thy better care, See other RUTLANDS, other GRANBYS there!
Example #6
Grief is a foe-expel him then thy soul; Let nobler thoughts the nearer views control!