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It is still standing and occupied when these lines are written, and it should be preserved and guarded as a shrine for the American people; for it was here that the foremost American-born author-the man most characteristically American in every thought and word and action of his life-drew his first fluttering breath, caught blinkingly the light of a world that in the years to come would rise up and in its wide realm of letters hail him as a king.
It wounded, it cruelly hurt him, no doubt; and it is always in the power of the critic to give pain to the author-the meanest critic to the greatest author- for no one can help feeling a rudeness.
One author-the writer of these lines, in fact-has long desired to dramatize the life of Mahomet.

Examples of Author-the

Example #1
It was on a bleak day, November 30, 1835, that he entered feebly the domain he was to conquer.
Example #2
It was a humble one-story affair, with two main rooms and a lean-to kitchen, though comfortable enough for its size, and comparatively new.
Example #3
He liked, beyond all things, to push an affair to the bitter end, and the end was never too bitter unless it brought grief or harm to another.
Example #4
I have fancied that I presented to him a surface of such entire trustworthiness that he could not imagine the depths of unreliability beneath it; and that never realizing it, he always broke through with fresh surprise but unimpaired faith.
Example #5
But the possibility of a protest from the Turkish Ambassador-or the fear of it-causing the Lord Chamberlain to refuse to license such a play has prevented the play from being written.
Example #6
Now that the maintenance of entente cordiale between nations is one of the most prominent and most useful functions of the crown, the freedom of authors to deal with political subjects, even historically, is seriously threatened by the way in which the censorship makes the King responsible for the contents of every play.