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How to use away-never in a sentence. Away-never pronunciation.

If you're to get away-never mind, I can manage the money.
They are built of such huge, square stones, that their appearance of ponderous durability distresses the beholder with the idea that they can never fall,-never crumble away,-never be less fit than now for human habitation.
Well, she gave thee back in a few minutes; and then she rode away-never pausing to look back-no man knew whither.

Examples of Away-never

Example #1
Half-quarter day-yes, your quarter's always spent by then.
Example #2
You're very good, Keith; you've always been very good to me-I don't know why.
Example #3
Many of them may once have been palaces, and still retain a squalid grandeur.
Example #4
A thousand years, at all events, would seem but a middle age for these structures.
Example #5
Sometimes I hope he murdered her.
Example #6
One sin more or less would matter little to the black list of sins on his guilty soul; and the little pain of dying by violence would have saved Isabel the greater pain of living through the desolate woe of the future.