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Definition of Awl

  • A pointed instrument for piercing small holes, as in leather or wood; used by shoemakers, saddlers, cabinetmakers, etc. The blade is differently shaped and pointed for different uses, as in the brad awl saddler's awl shoemaker's awl, etc.
  • a pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes

How to use awl in a sentence. Awl pronunciation.

The women used sinew of the deer or buffalo instead of thread, and for needles they had awls made of elk horn.
Under the two windows that faced toward the woods ran a long box-like seat, and in one corner of the room stood a shoemaker's bench, with its rows of awls, needles threaded with waxed thread, hammers, sharp knives, tiny wooden pegs, and bits of leather; a worn boot lay on the floor as if the man had started up from his work at Mr. Freeman's rap.
Mr. Freeman told them that the Indian women pricked tiny holes, with a small sharp-pointed awl, in these shells and strung them like beads, and Rose and Anne thought it would be a fine plan to carry a quantity of shells to Boston and string them into necklaces.
Ov awl Quinds toby sould, And sevile Yewzitch.
A rude instrument for combing the horse hair, awls, buttons, and thread heaped on a small bench showed that active work had been but recently interrupted.
Mr. Macaulay prefers the awl.
Shortly after the reception of the injury, an old soldier sewed up the wound with an awl, needle, and wax-thread; Archer did not see the patient until forty-eight hours afterward, at which time he cleansed and dressed the wound.
Knud's thoughts had been daily with Joanna, and now he knew that she also had thought of him; and the nearer the time came for his apprenticeship to end, the clearer did it appear to him that he loved Joanna, and that she must be his wife; and a smile came on his lips at the thought, and at one time he drew the thread so fast as he worked, and pressed his foot so hard against the knee strap, that he ran the awl into his finger; but what did he care for that?
The obsidian, which was easily obtained in that country, offered an admirable resource for the manufacture of knives, arrow heads, awls, and the like.
He had a seat assigned him provided with awls, thread, wax, and the more solid, but equally needful companion, a _lapstone_. "Enoch proved a good apprentice.
And then the hammer, it was observed, would come down upon his lapstone with double force, as if he were splitting the head of one of the enemy open, or his awl would go through the leather, as if he were plunging a bayonet into the belt of a soldier.
My knife, my awl, will be another's: whose, ah! whose?
No objects of metal or fragments of pottery were discovered in course of the excavations, and of bone there were only two small pointed objects and an awl having a perforation at one end.
Couldn't you borrow an awl?
Baba Mustapha was seated with an awl in his hand, just going to work.
You broke into the beaten way; Plied loom or awl like other men, And learned to love the guineas' chink- Oh, recreant sires, who doomed me then To earn so few-with Pen and Ink!
But his father would be mending-leather perhaps, and sewing, as he liked to sew, with hog bristles-the beeswax and the awls lying in the bottom of a chair drawn to his side.
Reynal's squaw was hard at work with her awl and buffalo sinews upon her lodge, while her proprietor, having just finished an enormous breakfast of meat, was smoking a social pipe along with Raymond and myself.
Among these was a large paper of awls, a gift appropriate to the women; and as we were anxious to see the beauties of the Arapahoe village Henry requested that they might be called to receive them.
He then, looking about, got some long grass of a peculiar nature, with which he quickly manufactured some strong twine; then bending up the ends of the bark, which yielded easily to the pressure he bestowed on it, and using a pointed stick as an awl, he soon sewed them together.

Examples of Awl

Example #1
Before the introduction of canvas tents by the whites no needles or thread were used by the Siouan tribes.
Example #2
The furniture of the sacred tents resembled that of the ordinary ones.
Example #3
I almost wish we had stayed in the chaise.
Example #4
This whole place is queer.
Example #5
The time went swiftly, and when Mr. Freeman said that Lady had now had a good rest and would be quite ready to start on, the girls reluctantly left the beach and walked slowly toward the chaise.
Example #6
Some of these were clear white, and others a delicate pink.