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How to use azul in a sentence. Azul pronunciation.

This harbor is now known as the Bay of Azul.
He was an exceedingly tall and graceful personage, of that sangre azul which marked high Visigothic descent; golden-haired and fair-skinned, with hands as small and white as a woman's; his lips were delicate but thin, and compressed closely at the corners of the mouth; and his pale blue eye had a glassy dulness.
When they have gone south, we can cross the Gila, and keep up the Azul or Prieto.

Examples of Azul

Example #1
The men, whom he sent on shore, found a large village not far from the shore, where they were most cordially received.
Example #2
It may be said that on this determination the course of his after life turned.
Example #3
In spite of his beauty and his carriage, Amyas shrank from him instinctively; and yet he could not help holding out his hand in return, as the Spaniard, holding out his, said languidly, in most sweet and sonorous Spanish- "I kiss his hands and feet.
Example #4
As he spoke, the Spaniard came forward, still in his armor, all save his head, which was bound up in a handkerchief.
Example #5
Having accomplished the object of our expedition, we may then return homeward by the nearest route.
Example #6
Moreover, we will make sure of our time, as we can `cache' in the Pinon Hills that overlook the Apache war-trail, and see our enemies pass out.