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The elaborate portal is a plan of Baccio Pontelli.
If you would see the perfection to which the painter attained (armed as he was with triple power), go to the Louvre and look at the Baccio Bandinelli portrait; you might place it beside Titian's _Man with a Glove_, or by that other _Portrait of an Old Man_ in which Raphael's consummate skill blends with Correggio's art; or, again, compare it with Leonardo da Vinci's _Charles VIII.
The picture was painted on slate, and in its unfaded color and its finish was immeasurably finer than the _Baccio Bandinelli_. Fra Bartolommeo was represented by a _Holy Family_, which many connoisseurs might have taken for a Raphael.
This example is, to my mind, superior to the portrait of Baccio Bandinelli in the Musee; the latter is a little hard, while the Templar, being painted upon 'lavagna,' or slate, has preserved its freshness of coloring.

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The stained glass windows by Bonino, a native of Assisi, render a soft and mellow harmony of light no less charming than that of the mosaic interior of San Marco, Venice.
Example #2
The lower church was completed in 1230.
Example #3
He had, as may be supposed concealed Hortense's purse; it lay next to his heart.
Example #4
And so it came to pass that in Del Piombo's indolent genius Venetian color was blended with Florentine composition and a something of Raphael's manner in the few pictures which he deigned to paint, and the sketches were made for him, it is said, by Michael Angelo himself.
Example #5
But be sure of one thing," she said, after counting the gold, "this money will all be spent on you.
Example #6
That money barely repays me for what you have cost me since I took your promissory note; that is all I have got by my savings.