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I will continue the research by careful weighings of early cases; and will further endeavor to ascertain whether the addition of mullein to the cultivating solution prevents the propagation of the phthisical bacillus.
Lloyd's discovery of the "death bacillus" of the sea toad, and his experiments on it with potassium cyanide, sent his name and that of his university ringing round the world; nor was Paul a whit behind when he succeeded in producing laboratory colloids exhibiting amoeba-like activities, and when he cast new light upon the processes of fertilization through his startling experiments with simple sodium chlorides and magnesium solutions on low forms of marine life.
But a great number have neither resisted the bacillus of criticism nor left the churches to which they are attached.
Sometimes he called David in, and talked at length and with enthusiasm about such human interest things as the Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, and the Friedlander bacillus.
There wasn't a trace of the bacillus typhosus in any of them.
We have found what we now call 'typhoid carriers'-persons who do not have the disease themselves, perhaps never have had it, but who are literally living test-tubes of the typhoid bacillus.
If the doctors come forward to tell us how the typhoid bacillus is disseminated, how dangerous it is, and how it is to be avoided, we are interested, grateful, and more or less willing to profit by the instruction.
They lift their $2.98 skirts when they pass us, for fear of inoculation by the _bacillus_ divorce.
During this century of wonder a sufficiency of exactness was, however, introduced into the study of microscopic organisms to call for the use of names, and we find Muller using the names of Monas, Proteus, Vibrio, Bacillus, and Spirillum, names which still continue in use, although commonly with a different significance from that given them by Muller.
The genus Bacillus, for instance, is the name given to all rod-shaped bacteria which form endogenous spores, etc.
Micrococcus, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Sarcina, Bacterium, Bacillus, Spirillum, are all the names in common use applying to the ordinary bacteria.
For example, Bacillus typhosus is the name given to the bacillus which causes typhoid fever.
The bacillus which produces the "retting" is known now, however, and it has been shown that the "retting" is a process of decomposition of the pectin cement.
Instead of finding this Bacillus acidi lactici always present, they found that quite a number of different species of bacteria have the power of souring milk, and are found in different specimens of soured milk.
This bacillus is, in short, only found in the mouth and throat, and is practically confined to the so-called false membranes.
Much the same is true of the bacillus which causes tetanus or lockjaw (Fig. 29).
This bacillus is commonly inoculated into the flesh of the victim by a wound made with some object which has been lying upon the earth where the bacillus lives.
The bacillus grows readily after being inoculated, but it is localized at the point of the wound, without invading the tissue to any extent.
While the bacillus grows in the tissues around the wound it secretes these poisons, which are then absorbed by the body generally.
This is caused by a bacillus which is able to grow rapidly in the intestines, feeding perhaps in part on the food in the intestines and perhaps in part upon the body secretions.

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In early cases, mullein milk appears to act very much in the same manner as cod-liver oil; and when we consider that it is at once cheap and palatable it is certainly worth a trial.
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Having no weighings of these latter, however, makes this statement merely an expression of opinion.
Example #3
It was in their undergraduate days, however, in the midst of their profoundest plunges into the mysteries of organic chemistry, that Doris Van Benschoten entered into their lives.
Example #4
Each was a spur to the other, and they went into chemistry deeper than did ever students before-so deep, in fact, that ere they took their sheepskins they could have stumped any chemistry or "cow college" professor in the institution, save "old" Moss, head of the department, and even him they puzzled and edified more than once.
Example #5
They have adopted compromises, they have qualified their creeds with modifying footnotes of essential repudiation; they have decided that plain statements are metaphors and have undercut, transposed, and inverted the most vital points of the vulgarly accepted beliefs.
Example #6
Some have recanted and abandoned their positions in the priesthood.