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How to use back in a sentence. Back pronunciation.

In the morning the breeze of My grace passed by thee, and found thee sleeping on the bed of heedlessness, and wept over thy condition, and turned back.’ Finis.
Kosko Divvus, Mr. Petulengro.’ ‘Kosko Divvus, Pal,’ said Mr. Petulengro, riding through the water; ‘are you turning back?’ I turned back with Mr. Petulengro.
Twigger, you villain!’ said Nicholas Tulrumble, quite forgetting his dignity, ‘go back.’ ‘Never,’ said Ned.

Examples of Back

Example #1
In the presence of the King’s justice, therefore, the statement of an adversary ought not to be accepted as sufficient.
Example #2
The matter hath been misapprehended by certain doctors, neither have they seen this Servant.
Example #3
I cannot; I have much to say to him.
Example #4
God bless you both!’ ‘Take this,’ said Peter, and he thrust his Welsh Bible into my hand.
Example #5
The intermediate space is divided into several paved yards, in which the prisoners take such air and exercise as can be had in such a place.
Example #6
It is necessary to explain here, that the buildings in the prison, or in other words the different wards—form a square, of which the four sides abut respectively on the Old Bailey, the old College of Physicians (now forming a part of Newgate-market), the Sessions-house, and Newgate-street.