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Before the gates of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar “set up mighty bulls of bronze and serpents which stood erect,” and when Nabonidos restored the temple of the Moon-god at Harran two images of the primeval god, Lakhum, were similarly erected on either side of its eastern gate to “drive back” his “foes.
Go, bring my lady back,” said Harry’s patron.
I have brought back,” says she, “to the Marquis of Esmond the present he deigned to make me in days when he trusted me better than now.
Would he come back,” said I, “now that what he thought was known to him and me only has come out?

Examples of Back

Example #1
Figures of winged bulls and serpents were placed at the entrance of a building to prevent the demons of evil from passing through it.
Example #2
The gods and goddesses were believed to utter oracles and predictions through the lips of inspired men and women.
Example #3
When the lad, after failing in his clerical examination, after failing in his plan for studying the law, took leave of these projects and of his parents, and set out for Edinburgh, he saw mother, and uncle, and lazy Ballymahon, and green native turf, and sparkling river for the last time.
Example #4
If Uncle Contarine believed those letters—if Oliver’s mother believed that story which the youth related of his going to Cork, with the purpose of embarking for America, of his having paid his passage-money, and having sent his kit on board; of the anonymous captain sailing away with Oliver’s valuable luggage in a nameless ship, never to return; if Uncle Contarine and the mother at Ballymahon believed his stories, they must have been a very simple pair; as it was a very simple rogue indeed who cheated them.
Example #5
For No Good Chapter XIII.
Example #6
In The House Chapter XII.