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The cherry-orchard scene was effectively produced on a small stage by a blue-green back-drop with a single conventionalized cherry-branch painted across it, and two three-leaved screens masking the wings, painted in blue-green with a spray of cherry blossoms.
Twelve dollars a week had starved his wardrobe until it resembled the back-drop for a "Pity the Blind" card; but promptly on the minute he punched the button at the fourth apartment.
She told me that in one of the largest towns in England the Music Hall had only one ladies' lavatory, which was on the stage exactly behind the back-drop.

Examples of Back-drop

Example #1
A corner of the cherry orchard on the country place of the late Mr. Boggley, now on sale and open for inspection to prospective buyers.
Example #2
The cherry orchard, now in full bloom, is a very pleasant place.
Example #3
An instant later he realized that no matter how he looked he had it on Miss Dunlap by eighty per cent.
Example #4
Fifteen minutes before the appointed time Louis Mitchell was fidgeting nervously outside the Filbert Street cold-water "walk-up" known as Geraldine Manor, wondering if Miss Dunlap would notice his clothes.
Example #5
A horse was necessary for an Indian sketch on the same bill in which the comedy sketch was played, and the recess by the lavatory was found to be the only safe place to stable the horse.
Example #6
This sketch was sent out by a first rate London management, and the halls visited were on the first-class tours.