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How to use back-way in a sentence. Back-way pronunciation.

He walked this morning as a child of the light, forsaking the devious back-ways through which the organist had led him on the previous night, and choosing the main streets on his road to the church.
I saw Murgatroyd lead his horse into the yard by the back-way, when I went to get some water at the pump five minutes since.

Examples of Back-way

Example #1
He received this time a different impression of the town.
Example #2
Mr Westray, being afflicted neither with poverty nor age, but having a good digestion and entire confidence both in himself and in his prospects, could fully enjoy the beauty of the day.
Example #3
He was in the counting-house with Joe Scott, I believe.
Example #4
It's very well for once; I'll not have it repeated.