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How to use back-we in a sentence. Back-we pronunciation.

And there warn't a blessed snake up there when we went back-we didn't half tie the sack, and they worked out somehow, and left.
How respectable papers of acknowledged ability could join in the brutal shout of the ruffianly host-thus lending their powerful influence to sweep away the barriers which the good and true had been endeavoring to erect, that the onward tides of vice, crime, and misery, might be kept back-we will allow them to answer?
Romayne tried to follow; I held him back-we neither of us exchanged a word.
If ah thought one was comin' to me, Ah'd hide in the woods; then they'd send aftah me, and they say, 'Come, on back-we won't whip you'.

Examples of Back-we

Example #1
But it didn't matter much, because they was still on the premises somewheres.
Example #2
So we judged we could get some of them again.
Example #3
We will observe, however, that in our opinion, it is not an indication of wisdom in a great public journal to array itself against the great forces of temperance and morality; for we believe it will discover, possibly when it is too late, it has destroyed its influence with those whose good opinion was best worth possessing.
Example #4
And yet in some of the leading journals the next day there were editorials rejoicing over what they termed "the triumph of liberty," though, if they were open to conviction, they had but to observe the character of the majority of those who were celebrating their conquest to conclude it was for the time being a supremacy of vice over virtue, of brute force over principle, and of selfishness over philanthrophy.
Example #5
The fog thickened and thickened, until nothing was to be seen.
Example #6
Once we heard the surgeon's voice, calling impatiently for a light to help him.