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How to use back-when in a sentence. Back-when pronunciation.

He would come back-when it pleased him.
You see, Christie, as far as I can think back-when father was still chief forester-her mother already came to wash for us.

Examples of Back-when

Example #1
Of course he no longer loved her, say what he might; at most he thought of her with a feeling of compassion-not strong enough to overcome his dislike of exertion.
Example #2
Nancy would not sully her mind by thinking that he might only return when her position made it worth his while.
Example #3
Afterward, in the churchyard, at our little Kurt's grave-I see the girl standin' as clear as if it was to-day, even though I was myself more dead than alive.
Example #4
An' as far as Rose Bernd is concerned, I always felt as if she were more than half my own child.