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At the stated hour in the afternoon, the two topographers of the emperor, Colonel Bacler d'Alba, and Colonel Duclay, entered the emperor's cabinet.
In the soldiers' opinion, the Prince de Neuchatel and his brilliant staff, the grand marshal, Generals Bertrand, Bacler d'Albe, etc., were only men of the cabinet council, whose experience might be of some use in such deliberations, but to whom bravery was not indispensable.
He got angry, and one day said to his geographer, Bacler d'Albe, whom he liked well enough, "Ah!
Clerks, Messieurs Jouanne and Provost. Secretary interpreters, Messieurs Lelorgue, Dideville, and Vouzowitch. Director of the topographical bureau, Baron Bacler d'Albe.

Examples of Bacler

Example #1
As usual, they rolled the table, covered with maps and plans, before the emperor, and then took seats at the other table standing in the corner, which was also covered in like manner.
Example #2
They looked at each other inquiringly and murmured, "He is reflecting!
Example #3
The chief generals, such as Prince Eugene, Marshals Oudinot, Davoust, Bessieres, and his Majesty's aides-decamp, Rapp, Lebrun, Lauriston, Mouton, etc., were exceedingly affable, and every one was most politely received by them; their dignity never became haughtiness, nor their ease an excessive familiarity, though their manners were at all times slightly tinged by the austerity inseparable from the character of a warrior.
Example #4
Military tone in the army is a most difficult thing to define, and differs according to rank, time of service, and kind of service; and there are no genuine soldiers except those who form part of the line, or who command it.
Example #5
The work was not done quickly enough for him.
Example #6
Napoleon had ordered plans of his most famous battles to be engraved, and had paid in advance for them.