Bad-i in a sentence

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How to use bad-i in a sentence. Bad-i pronunciation.

His hands most always need washing awful bad-I did think of that, but they don't seem ever to begin with hands.
That is bad-I should have liked him-that is-it would have been happy for him to have had a friend like you.
But don't tell me anything bad-I don't want to hear anything bad.

Examples of Bad-i

Example #1
They most always make them promise not to use tobacco or drink wine and stuff.
Example #2
But Jane had it all thought out.
Example #3
But I suppose you studied too hard for him.
Example #4
But this Middlemas, since such is his name, is a wild young fellow, I suppose?
Example #5
Alf has had a quarrel with Dan Stuart.
Example #6
It was worse than a quarrel, and has-" "Killed him?