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Definition of Balanite

  • A fossil balanoid shell.

How to use balanite in a sentence. Balanite pronunciation.

They are generally attracted by the ripe lalobes, the fruit already described of the heglik (Balanites Egyptiaca).
Kunda is Balanites Roxburghii, Punnaga is Callophyllum inophyllum.
There was a very large and lofty tree quite three feet in diameter; upon the upper branches grew the much-loved fruit, similar in appearance to good-sized dates, and equally sweet and aromatic (Balanites Egyptiaca).

Examples of Balanite

Example #1
The trees, if of medium size, are frequently torn down for the sake of this small production, that would appear too insignificant for the notice of so huge an animal.
Example #2
The Baris are not good hunters, and they merely catch the elephants in pitfalls; therefore, being free from attack, these animals are exceedingly daring, and easy to approach.
Example #3
None of them, however, could venture to address the king for persuading him to give up his intention.
Example #4
The citizen and the ladies of the royal household followed them for some distance.
Example #5
This elephant had enormous tusks, but as we had only small-bore rifles, I was contented to watch, without disturbing the magnificent animal before me.
Example #6
Elephants will travel great distances to arrive at a forest where such fruit is produced in quantity, and they appear to know the season when the crop will be thoroughly ripe.