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Definition of Balize

  • A pole or a frame raised as a sea beacon or a landmark.

How to use balize in a sentence. Balize pronunciation.

The Mississippi[10] is in length, from its head waters to the _balize_ in the gulf of Mexico, about two thousand three hundred miles, and flows through an immense variety of country.
These hollow upright trees, covered with innumerable marine annelids, reminded me of a "cane-brake," as it is commonly called, consisting of tall reeds, Arundinaria macrosperma, which I saw in 1846, at the Balize, or extremity of the delta of the Mississippi.
Here the waters of the tropical seas are mingled with the waters of the Mississippi, the Balize, the Rio Grande, the Colorado, the Alabama, and other large streams which empty into the Gulf of Mexico; and turning off to the eastward, this body of water is driven along between the coasts of Cuba and Florida until it strikes the Salt Key Bank and the Bahamas, when it receives another considerable addition from the currents, which, from the same causes, are continually setting west through the Old Bahama and New Providence Channels.
We took a pilot and entered the river by the Balize or "South-east Pass," which was the deepest channel at that time, and navigable only for vessels drawing not more than fifteen feet of water, and, by dint of hard labor, steam towboats being then unknown, worked our way to the city of New Orleans.

Examples of Balize

Example #1
The section through which it passes, before its junction with the Missouri, is represented as being elegantly diversified with woodlands, prairies, and rich bottoms, and the banks are lined with a luxuriant growth of plants and flowers.
Example #2
The junction of these two noble rivers, the Ohio and Mississippi, is really a splendid sight-the scenery is picturesque, and the water at the point of union is fully two miles broad.
Example #3
Although these reeds are fresh-water plants, they were covered with barnacles, having been killed by an incursion of salt-water over an extent of many acres, where the sea had for a season usurped a space previously gained from it by the river.
Example #4
When the carboniferous forests sank below high-water mark, a species of Spirorbis or Serpula (Figure 431), attached itself to the outside of the stumps and stems of the erect trees, adhering occasionally even to the interior of the bark- another proof that the process of envelopment was very gradual.
Example #5
It is then forced northward along the coast of Florida and the Middle States.
Example #6
Through this strait, after a strong trade wind has been blowing for a time, the current sets into the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of two or three knots an hour.