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Definition of Balker

  • One who, or that which, balks.
  • A person who stands on a rock or eminence to espy the shoals of herring, etc., and to give notice to the men in boats which way they pass; a conder; a huer.
  • a person who refuses to comply

How to use balker in a sentence. Balker pronunciation.

A small schoolmate, the balker's daughter, brought gingerbread to school every morning, and Little Sam was just "honing" for some of it.
Others do well when public sentiment is in favor of the truth; but as soon as it becomes a reproach to walk in the straight way, they can not bear the little persecution that comes, and immediately they become balkers.
There are the ones who are always giving up their profession at every little thing; they are chronic balkers.
In any of these cases they are balkers.
Do not be a balker.

Examples of Balker

Example #1
He wanted a piece of that baker's gingerbread more than anything else in the world, and he decided to pray for it.
Example #2
He also respected Miss Horr as an example of orthodox faith, and when she read the text "Ask and ye shall receive" and assured them that whoever prayed for a thing earnestly, his prayer would be answered, he believed it.
Example #3
I have seen others who made much noise in meeting and talked a great deal outside about their religion and their doings, but who, when it came time for them to make some sacrifice for the cause or to do some work that required consecration on their part, were ready to balk at once and throw the responsibility on others who were not balky.
Example #4
There are others who will work hard and sacrifice for the cause if they can direct operations; but as soon as they can not lead in the work, or if some one questions the wisdom of something they do, they are ready to throw up everything and quit and have no more to do with it, no matter how much good they might do if they were content to fill any place in which they could be useful.
Example #5
God can never depend on them.
Example #6
There are many ways in which people balk.