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But lately the Zenians have made rather too much of the exploits of Ame Baove.
And I understood also the meaning of the familiar phrase, "toma annerson"; it was the time-corrupted version of that name they held holy-the name of Thomas Anderson, child of my own Earth, and explorer of space centuries before Ame Baove saw his first sun.
He left no classic journal behind him as did Ame Baove, nor did he return to tell of the wonders he had found.

Examples of Baove

Example #1
The history of the Universe gives him credit, and justly, for making the first successful exploration in space.
Example #2
His name was Eitel, and he served under me on the old _Tamon_, my first command.
Example #3
He offered his hand to me, and I understood, as I shook hands gravely, that this old Earth greeting had become a holy sign among these people.
Example #4
There was a click, and then the sharp hum of the wire re-spooling itself on the original drum.
Example #5
But he did take strong root where he fell in his clumsy craft, and if this record, supported only by the log of the _Ertak_, needs further proof, some five or six full generations from now Strobus will be close enough for doubting Zenians to visit.
Example #6
And so, my good Zenian friends, you learn of the first man to brave the dangers of outer space.