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Definition of Barde

  • put a caparison on

How to use barde in a sentence. Barde pronunciation.

Je suis maintenant tout cendre, où autrefois j'étais toute flamme, et le barde est mort dans mon sein; ce que j'aimais, je ne fais plus que l'admirer, et mon cœur est aussi gris que ma tête.
Come away, De Barde, and let us go complain to my lord ambassador.
Yet Sherwin, hindered to commence his suit Against De Barde by the ambassador, By supplication made unto the king, Who having first enticed away his wife, And got his plate, near worth four hundred pound, To grieve some wronged citizens that found This vile disgrace oft cast into their teeth, Of late sues Sherwin, and arrested him For money for the boarding of his wife. SURREY.
The more knave Barde, that, using Sherwin's goods, Doth ask him interest for the occupation.
This is St. Martins, And yonder dwells Mutas, a wealthy Piccardy, At the Green Gate, De Barde, Peter Van Hollocke, Adrian Martine, With many more outlandish fugitives.
Ce barde modeste, comme beaucoup de bardes inconnus, rimaille sur nos noms, mais cache sagement le sien; cependant, quel qu'il soit, pour ne rien dire de pire, son nom lui ferait plus d'honneur que ses vers.
Madame Quenu, coupez-moi douze bardes, mais bien minces, n'est-ce pas?
Another opera, which attracted our attention, was called "Ossian, ou les Bardes.
Nous remarquerons seulement qu'on ne doit pas s'étonner de lire dans les écrivains de l'antiquité que plusieurs villes se soient disputé l'honneur d'avoir été la patrie d'Homère, puisque la même incertitude enveloppe, à nos yeux, le berceau du plus illustre barde contemporain.

Examples of Barde

Example #1
Hippocrène, et mes sentimens (sa source) sont taris.
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Example #3
And you, sir [To Caveler], that allow such coarse cates to carpenters, whilst pigeons, which they pay for, must serve your dainty appetite, deliver them back to my husband again, or I'll call so many women to mine assistance as will not leave one inch untorn of thee: if our husbands must be bridled by law, and forced to bear your wrongs, their wives will be a little lawless, and soundly beat ye.
Example #4
I am ashamed that freeborn Englishmen, having beaten strangers within their own homes, should thus be braved and abused by them at home.
Example #5
The more knave Barde, that, using Sherwin's goods, Doth ask him interest for the occupation.
Example #6
Tis strange that from his princely clemency, So well a tempered mercy and a grace, To all the aliens in this fruitful land, That this high-crested insolence should spring From them that breathe from his majestic bounty, That, fattened with the traffic of our country, Already leaps into his subject's face.