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Definition of Barometric

  • Pertaining to the barometer; made or indicated by a barometer; as, barometric changes; barometrical observations.
  • relating to atmospheric pressure or indicated by a barometer

How to use barometric in a sentence. Barometric pronunciation.

If there was a decline her barometric temperament registered the fact.
If, however, at any time they felt oppressed by Jupiter's high barometric pressure, and preferred the terrestrial conditions, they had but to rise till the barometer fell to thirty.
Perhaps, favoured by some affinity of the atmosphere, its constituent parts are broken up and become gases at this barometric pressure and temperature.
Here neither thermal nor barometric changes are required, for, by mastering the new natural laws that at death become patent to our senses, we have all the necessary control.
These bright harsh days of barometric high pressure in England rouse and thwart every expectation of the happiness of spring.

Examples of Barometric

Example #1
There was a Mrs. Davis, a fine, motherly soul of fifty, stout and sympathetic, who lived four doors from Jennie, and who understood quite well how she was feeling.
Example #2
If there was the least improvement she felt it physically.
Example #3
Then, if an object of interest recalled them to sea-level, they could keep the Callisto's inside pressure at what they found on the Jovian mountains, by screwing up the windows.
Example #4
By keeping the projectile just strongly enough charged to neutralize gravitation, they remained for the most part within two hundred feet of the ground, seldom rising to an altitude of more than a mile, and were therefore able to keep the windows at the sides open and so obtain an unobstructed view.
Example #5
If there is any way by which the visible substance of these fungi can be converted into its invisible gases, as water into oxygen and hydrogen, what we have seen can be logically explained.
Example #6
We know that all substances can be converted into gases, and that all gases can be reduced to liquids, and even solids, by the application of pressure and cold.