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How to use be-had in a sentence. Be-had pronunciation.

When the audience of the two Africans-for such it seemed to be-had lasted long enough, Edna was thinking of dismissing them, when it became plain to her that there was something which Cheditafa wished to say or do.
And in a minute or less Harry heard a welcome click that told him his new found friend-a friend in need, indeed, he was proving himself to be!-had succeeded.
The last word-whatever it would be-had certainly not been said in Hilton churchyard.
That would have been all right, and Jimmie would have bossed the job and been happy as he knew how to be-had only his mind been at peace.
The white _tuan_-was he really a god, as he declared himself to be?-had gone alone up the tortuous, fissured slopes, at times lost to sight in yellowish clouds of gas and steam, while his screams and threats of vengeance came back to Wadakimba's ears.

Examples of Be-had

Example #1
She looked at him inquiringly, and he came forward.
Example #2
It required minutes to harmonize these presentments in the mind of Captain Horn.
Example #3
He guessed that he was going to try to pick the lock.
Example #4
Harry saw that he had a long, slender piece of wire.
Example #5
It is thus, if there is any rule, that we ought to die-neither as victim nor as fanatic, but as the seafarer who can greet with an equal eye the deep that he is entering, and the shore that he must leave.
Example #6
She had not died there.