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This edifice, “beautiful for situation—the joy of the whole earth,” was the wonder of those times, and though small compared with subsequent Grecian temples, was probably more profusely ornamented with gold, silver, and precious woods, than any building of ancient times.
Songs which, like the “Beautiful Miller’s Daughter” and the “Winter Journey,” could so penetrate and again spring forth from the soul of Franz Schubert, may well stir the very depths of our own hearts, without the need of fearing the wise looks of those who possess the art of saying nothing in many words.
Is an idyl in the truest, warmest, softest colors of the soul, like the “Beautiful Miller’s Daughter,” less a work of art than a landscape by Ruysdael?
Mrs. Jameson speaks of his portrait as “beautiful, like the old heads of our Saviour; and the predominant expression is calm, dignified, intellectual, with a tinge of melancholy.

Examples of Beautiful

Example #1
The draining of the Lake Fucinus occupied thirty thousand men for eleven years.
Example #2
We have no means of knowing its architectural appearance, in the absence of all plans and all ruins, and much ingenuity has been expended in conjectures, which are far from satisfactory.
Example #3
Why should poetry be less free than painting to seek for what is beautiful wherever a human eye can discover, wherever human art can imitate it?
Example #4
But there are men of forty and fifty who have never lost sight of the bright but now far-off days of their own youth, who can still rejoice with those that rejoice, and weep with those that weep, and love with those that love,—aye, who can still fill their glasses with old and young, and in whose eyes every-day life has not destroyed the poetic bloom that rests everywhere on life so long as it is lived with warm and natural feelings.
Example #5
And observe in these songs how the execution suits the subject; their tone is thoroughly popular, and reminds many of us, perhaps too much, of the popular songs collected by Arnim and Brentano in “Des Knaben Wunderhorn.
Example #6
Is what is not too common for the painter, too common for the poet?