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How to use beauty-i in a sentence. Beauty-i pronunciation.

She is beautiful, and I can get nothing of her beauty,-I can only get the reflection of a face which is not hers.
It's not only her beauty-I don't care so much about that!-but when you've once seen her, she seems to draw music from all the nerves of your body; but she's such an angel.
I mean his beauty-is hardly possible in connection with your doctrines, which would turn men into ravening beasts.
And, more remarkable still, as we shall have occasion to observe later, the very art which modern men regard as the most devoid of all intellectual content, the most incommensurable with any standard except that of pure beauty-I refer of course to the art of music-was invested by the Greeks with a definite moral content and worked into their general theory of art as a direct interpretation of human life.

Examples of Beauty-i

Example #1
Gervase glanced up at him with a half-sullen, half-defiant expression.
Example #2
He crumbled up the piece of bread near his plate in small portions with a kind of involuntary violence in the action, and Dr. Dean, deliberately drawing out a pair of spectacles from their case, adjusted them, and surveyed him curiously.
Example #3
She's the most perfect and noble creature God ever made!
Example #4
Never mind what she is.
Example #5
He who would be beautiful must before all things be able to control himself and to be moderate-as I learnt in Rome before I ever saw Athens, and have remembered well.
Example #6
He felt himself no match for this overbearing spirit, trained too in all the arts of argument and eloquence; but he could not leave all he had heard uncontroverted, and so, as Euergetes paused in order to empty his refilled cup, he began: "If we were all to act on your principles, in a few centuries, it seems to me, there would be no one left to subscribe to them; for the earth would be depopulated; and the manuscripts, in which you are so careful to substitute 'siu' for 'iu', would be used by strong-handed mothers, if any were left, to boil the pot for their children-in this country of yours where there is no wood to burn.