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Definition of Becoming

  • Appropriate or fit; congruous; suitable; graceful; befitting.

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In the early years of the nineteenth century, American literature sounds like a child learning to talk, and then aping its elders; Russian literature is the voice of a giant, waking from a long sleep, and becoming articulate.
He is fast becoming an international celebrity.
Becoming satisfied that he was not much, if at all sick, I left him.
In spite of the cold, she had had her hair dressed with silver wheat and blue flowers, and wore a white satin polonaise, edged with swan's down, which costume was exceedingly becoming.
Preference was at first given to the daughters or widows of generals; and the Emperor decided that the places becoming vacant belonged by right to the best pupils of the Imperial school of Rouen, and should be given as a reward for good conduct.
The next day the Emperor ordered the persons in the gallery to leave, as they embarrassed the Empress; but she soon overcame her timidity, and ended by becoming a very good horsewoman, often racing in the park with her ladies of honor and Madame the Duchess of Montebello, who also rode with much grace.
The Empress was at an age in which one enjoys balls and fetes; but the Emperor feared above all things her becoming tired, and consequently rejoicings and amusements were given up at the court and in the city.
Things were becoming exceedingly nervous and uncomfortable.
Her brain was becoming a mere receptacle for dates and definitions, vocabularies and rules syntactic, for thrice-boiled essence of history, ragged scraps of science, quotations at fifth hand, and all the heterogeneous rubbish of a 'crammer's' shop.
Just when his nervousness was becoming intolerable, there sounded a knock.
Very soon after her father's death he had written a becoming letter, though it smacked of commercial phraseology.
They could not distinguish between a becoming garment and one that called for the consuming fires of Heaven.
The desire of independence which had speeded him away from England still accompanied him on his return; he had never ceased to regret his marriage, and it seemed to him that, without this legal bondage, it would have been much easier to play a manly part at the time of Nancy's becoming a mother.
A heaviness of heart often troubled him, but he resisted it, and told himself that he was becoming stronger.
The past year had dealt no less gently with her than its predecessors; if anything, her complexion had gained in brilliancy, perhaps a consequence of the hygienic precautions due to her fear of becoming stout.
That she was a simple incarnation of extravagant maternal pride like the mother of Coriolanus in Plutarch, as Mr Harris asserts, I cannot believe: she is quite as likely to have borne her son a grudge for becoming "one of these harlotry players" and disgracing the Ardens.
You are becoming a courtier like the rest of them.
Four of us had trailed thus far through this critical meal: my father, a usually patient widower who was becoming more than restless; the Robinsons, never a jocund brace of guests, who were by now positively sullen, and myself who, being but a boy-of twenty odd years and having little enough to say to a woman of fifty-five and her still more antique husband, had long ago settled down to a determined silence.
He thought successively of becoming a monk, of enlisting as a soldier, and of getting drunk-ere he reached the corner of the Rue Royale and the Boulevard.
Becoming gradually discouraged, the latter lost all taste for work, and gave himself up, more and more, to the idle pleasures of his position.

Examples of Becoming

Example #1
It is as though the world had watched this giant's deep slumber for a long time, wondering what he would say when he awakened.
Example #2
But there is this strong contrast, caused partly by the difference in the age of the two nations.
Example #3
His terrible picture of war, "The Red Laugh," has been translated into German, French, and English, two of his dramas, "Anathema" and "To the Stars," have been published in America, and other of his short stories are known everywhere in Germany.
Example #4
His style, while marked by the typical yet always startling Russian simplicity, is nevertheless entirely his own, and all his tales and plays are stamped by powerful individuality.
Example #5
His profanity, threats and imprecations were fearful.
Example #6
No persuasion could induce him to change his position in the least.