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How to use bed-pan in a sentence. Bed-pan pronunciation.

There was not left a single bed-pan for this battalion of bed-ridden, suffering humanity, nor any well men to nurse the sick.
Later, when his pelvis was raised to allow the introduction of a bed-pan, almost instantaneous death ensued.
Proper help in lifting and turning the patient should be employed, the bed-pan should be used, proper feeding methods should be adopted, and friends should be excluded so that the patient may not be excited by conversation.
A Douche-Pan; the "perfection Bed-Pan" is preferable.
Even though this is true, if there is need, patients may try to use the bed-pan.
Often urination follows putting a hot-water bottle over the bladder; or pouring warm water over the vulva; or placing the patient upon a bed-pan from which steam is rising.
Each bedroom had a pitcher and water bowl for washing in the morning, and a bed-pan for nighttime use.

Examples of Bed-pan

Example #1
There was not even left any to cook food for them.
Example #2
They are suffering from Cuban malaria, and many of them from diarrhea.
Example #3
The white patches were chiefly on the left side of the head.
Example #4
The complexion was delicate throughout, the eyelashes and eyelids dark brown, the moustache and whiskers blond, and in the latter were a few groups of white hair.
Example #5
Every possible means should be inaugurated to prevent muscular exertion and strain of the patient while in bed.
Example #6
The diet should of course be sufficient, for the patient and proper for the disease, but any diet which causes a large amount of gas in the stomach, or tympanites, is harmful to the patient's circulation, to say nothing of any other harm, such as indigestion may do.