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Definition of Bedizen

  • To dress or adorn tawdrily or with false taste.
  • dress up garishly and tastelessly
  • decorate tastelessly

How to use bedizen in a sentence. Bedizen pronunciation.

Go within, and tell the relatives of the deceased that I give them permission to bedizen their corpse in whatever style they may choose, and to bury it in a coffin.
There she has remained since as a show, and moreover as a sort of dining-hall for jovial parties from the city; one of which would seem to be on board this afternoon, to judge from the flags which bedizen the masts, the sounds of revelry and savory steams which issue from those windows which once were portholes, and the rushing to and fro along the river brink, and across that lucky bridge, of white-aproned waiters from the neighboring Pelican Inn.
Sometimes people cover their heads with filth or ashes; and sometimes they bedizen them with crape and white streamers.
Buy fine dresses, bedizen yourself with tom-foolery of all shades and colours, go to dances and lap up champagne, make music or throw your damn fiddle on the dung heap, do anything you want to do, I’ll pay for it; but that green-eyed phantast, that lunk-headed rat-catcher, that woman-eater and music-box bird, no, no!
He always had one whom he must needs bedizen with beads, ribbons, and all the finery of an Indian wardrobe; and though he was of course obliged to leave her behind him during his expeditions, yet this hazardous necessity did not at all trouble him, for his disposition was the very reverse of jealous.
Antonyms: indecision, irresolution, vacillation. decisive, a. conclusive, final, peremptory, summary. deck, v. bedeck, bedizen, array.

Examples of Bedizen

Example #1
His eyes were still upon the descending curtain that hid the mysterious beauty from his sight.
Example #2
The emperor said nothing in reply.
Example #3
A great feast is evidently toward, for with those white-aproned waiters are gay serving men, wearing on their shoulders the city-badge.
Example #4
So as that ship may seem to have been built under a lucky planet.
Example #5
In some countries, the survivors are bound to shed so many tears, to measure, in memory of the departed; and if they can't bring them up naturally in sufficient quantities, they have to be beaten with rods, or pricked with thorns, or stung with nettles, till they've filled to the last drop the regulation bottle.
Example #6
In Swaziland, too, when the king dies, so the queen told me, every family of his subjects has to lose one of its sons or daughters, in order that they may all truly grieve at the loss of their sovereign.