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How to use been-it in a sentence. Been-it pronunciation.

It might have been-it was to have been-a revolution at Johannesburg, with Dr. Jim to step in at the right minute.
His very kindness, his chivalry in defending her; his inflexible determination that all should be over between them forever, that she should be prevailed upon to be to Rudyard more than she had ever been-it all drove her into a deeper isolation.
But if China entered it guided by white Atlantean Adepts, it would have been for her Fairyland; it would have been the Fortunate Islands; it would have been the Garden of Siwang Mu, the paradise of the West; and when she came forth it would have been-it might have been-with a bent not towards intellectual, but towards spiritual achievements.

Examples of Been-it

Example #1
It's only a filibustering business now, and Oom Paul will catch the filibuster, as sure as guns.
Example #2
And they'll not coincide now.
Example #3
This isolation would have been her destruction but that something bigger than herself, a passion to do things, lifted to idealism a mind which in the past had grown materialistic, which, in gaining wit and mental skill, had missed the meaning of things, the elemental sense.
Example #4
As for Ian Stafford, he had left her stripped bare of one single garment of self-respect.
Example #5
Compare her civilization, in historic times, with that of the West.
Example #6
Africa entered such a rest-period from an orgy of black magic, and her night was filled with evil dreams and sorceries, and her people became what they are.