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Of course alcohol was lectured against often enough at school and on one occasion a member of the senior class-a twenty-year-old "hold-over" who should have graduated the fall before-had been expelled for having beer in his room; but during his long summer vacations, spent precariously at hotels or in short visits to his father's friends, young Speranza had learned to be tolerant.
A detachment from the ships had landed some hours before-had dismantled the fort, dismounted the cannon, and withdrawn the garrison; retreating in safety to the ships.
The supernatural appearance of Smallbones, in which he still believed, and which appeared to him as a warning-what he had suffered from cold and exhaustion, which by him was considered as a punishment for his treatment of the poor lad but the morning before-had changed the heart of Corporal Van Spitter; so he replied in Dutch- "He will give you nothing, good people, not even a glass of schnappes, I tell you candidly-so keep the boat if you wish-I will not say a word about it, except that it is lost, he is not likely to see it again.
Before a couple of hours had passed, it seemed to Panshine as if he had known her an age, and as if Liza-that very Liza whom he had loved so much, and to whom he had proposed the evening before-had vanished in a kind of fog.
There was in William Wetherell, as he sat in the chair with his eyes fixed on his visitor's face, a dignity which Mr. Merrill had not seen before-had not thought the man might possess.
A stranger could scarcely have known enough to go straight to the room where a lady-only arrived the day before-had left a valuable jewel, and away again without being seen.
Silence fell between them, and he was conscious in every fiber of his body-that he had never been so close to her before-had never felt the touch of her arm upon his own, nor the folds of her skirt brushing against his knees.

Examples of Before-had

Example #1
Tolerance was a necessary virtue in the circle surrounding Speranza Senior, in his later years.
Example #2
He was inclined to think the tipsiness rather funny.
Example #3
The enemy had probably been apprised of the attack.
Example #4
A gunner and three men only, fell into the hands of the provincials.
Example #5
He felt hatred towards Vanslyperken, and goodwill towards those whom he had treated unkindly.
Example #6
Now, it must be observed, that a great revolution had taken place in the corporal's feelings since the horror and sufferings of the night.