Began-and in a sentence

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How to use began-and in a sentence. Began-and pronunciation.

Well, Dora began'-And Dora tossed her chin up and said it wasn't any business of Oswald's any way, and no one asked Alice's opinion.
The good fellow began his song, began-and almost fainted away, for he heard quite distinctly some one behind his back, keeping tune with him in a shrill voice.
A visitor," he began-and suddenly drew back, without saying a word more.
As John Farrar taught us when all this began,-and as I have said already,-if there were a State House in Thornbush two hundred feet long, the first Herschel would have seen it.

Examples of Began-and

Example #1
So we all felt very uncomfortable till Noel said, 'Don't let's quarrel about nothing.
Example #2
Oswald always tries to be a peacemaker, so he told Dicky to shut up and not make an ass of himself.
Example #3
The people would believe that I, too, have had a pleasant time at my brother's house and that I am going home happy like them.
Example #4
He sang, and the voice continued again.
Example #5
Romayne looked out, and recognized his wife.
Example #6
An open carriage appeared at the turn in the road.