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It seems not superfluous, in times which have heard disdainful criticism of Scott, on the ground that he had no artistic conscience, that he scribbled without a thought of style, that he never elaborated his scheme before beginning-as Flaubert, of course you know, invariably did.
But this is only a beginning-a feeble, temporary, ineffectual effort.
Yes, it is so; but this is but the beginning-a case of equal outrage has lately occurred, if newspapers are to be relied on, in the seizure of a citizen of Ohio, without even the forms of law, and who was carried into Virginia and shamefully punished by tar and feathers, and other disgraceful means, and rode upon a rail, according to the order of Judge Lynch, and this, only because in Ohio he was an abolitionist.

Examples of Beginning-a

Example #1
Why, after all, has one not heard that a certain William Shakespeare turned out his so-called works of art with something like criminal carelessness?
Example #2
Dare I pen, even for my own eyes, the venerable truth that an artist is born and not made?
Example #3
Social morality does not consist in spasmodic attempts to be good, following upon some terrible catastrophe.
Example #4
After the slaughter of the innocents in the burning schoolhouse, many other school buildings were condemned and more were safeguarded.
Example #5
Need I say all this, and much more, as now matter of history in the case of the Rev. John B. Mahan, of Brown county, Ohio?
Example #6
This murder was committed about twelve years since.