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How to use bein in a sentence. Bein pronunciation.

Bein' left without a cent, but with your health and a fair chance to make good-that, at seventeen or eighteen ain't a bad lookout, by any manner of means.
And I guess you'll say that last is plain enough without bein' told," she added.
He remembers how your pa acted-or how he thinks he acted-and so he can't help bein' the least mite afraid the same thing may crop out in you.
He ain't much to look at, bein' so little and sort of dried up, but he's got a big, fine heart and big brains.
All I had in mind in sayin' what I did was to-well, to kind of keep you from bein' too well satisfied and not try harder on the next one.
But bein' sorry don't help any to speak of.
Is bein' sorry the best excuse you've got to offer?
And I tell you not to talk any more of that foolishness about bein' a writer.
But your grandfather can't help bein' made his way, either.
Now you can't hardly blame him for bein' disappointed when you chuck that chance away and take to writin' poetry pieces, can you?
As I understand it, this Madeline of yours is the only child the Fosdicks have got and when our only child is in danger of bein' carried off by somebody else-why, well, their mothers and fathers are liable to be just a little upset, especially if it comes on 'em sudden. . . .
I know this is a long ways from bein' a joke to you and, in a way, it's no joke for me.
You object, and the objection ain't a mite weaker on account of your not bein' able to say exactly what 'tis.
Bad enough to be a common drunk without bein' a liar-yes, yes.
He won't say much, of course, bein' Zelotes Snow, but you and I know how he's planned, especially these last years, and how he's begun to count on-on Albert. . . .
I kept bein' fearful all the time that that streak, his father's streak, would break out in him.
What's to hinder Albert bein' took prisoner by those Germans?
On account of you bein' so just like Robert Penfold in the book, you know," she added.
She wouldn't, bein' Helen Kendall.
There's only one thing I ask of 'em, and that is that when they come here to live-to stay-under our laws and takin' advantage of the privileges we offer 'em-they'll stop bein' Portygees or Russians or Polacks or whatever they used to be or their folks were, and just be Americans-like you, Al.

Examples of Bein

Example #1
There, that's over, Al," went on Captain Zelotes.
Example #2
I ain't asked many favors of anybody since.
Example #3
Her companion, not exactly knowing how to answer, was silent for a moment.
Example #4
He's what you'd call an educated person, which is what I ain't.
Example #5
If you just stick to your job over there at the lumber yards and keep on tryin' to please him, he'll get all over that suspicion, see if he don't.
Example #6
He's just kind of doubtful about you, that's all.