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Laddy choked off a laugh, then evidently slapped his knee or Belding's, for there was a resounding smack.
The object of this conversation lay quiet upon his bed, thrilling and amazed at being so championed by the cowboys, delighted with Belding's idea of employing him, and much amused with the quaint seriousness of the three. "How's the young man?" called a woman's voice.
Dick heard Mrs. Belding walk away.
Belding's kindly interest, Laddy's blunt and sincere cowboy eulogy, the girl's sweet eagerness and praise-these warmed Gale's heart.
He was wild to be one of the Belding rangers.
Something within him went out to the cowboys, to this blunt and kind Belding.
In Mrs. Belding, Gale found a woman of noble proportions and striking appearance.
Mrs. Belding said the girl had suffered no great hardship, other than mental, and would very soon be rested and well.
To tell you frankly, Mr. Belding, I suppose I didn't much care.
Both boys expressed satisfaction at the turn of affairs, and then with Belding they set out to take Gale around the ranch.
The house and several outbuildings were constructed of adobe, which, according to Belding, retained the summer heat on into winter, and the winter cold on into summer.
Gale's interest led him to ask about fig trees and pomegranates, and especially about a beautiful specimen that Belding called palo verde.
Belding explained that the luxuriance of this desert place was owing to a few springs and the dammed-up waters of the Rio Forlorn.
Belding's last remark was made as he led his companions out of shady gardens into the open.
The ringing of a bell, which Belding said was a call to supper, turned the men back toward the house.
It was not until they reached the house and were about to go in that Belding chanced to discover Gale's crippled hand.
Belding fetched a pail of water and a basin from the kitchen.
With that Belding appeared in the doorway, and finding the operation concluded, called them in to supper.
Dick had the use of only one arm, and he certainly was keenly aware of the shy, silent girl across the table; but in spite of these considerable handicaps he eclipsed both hungry cowboys in the assault upon Mrs. Belding's bounteous supper.
Belding talked, the cowboys talked more or less.

Examples of Belding

Example #1
And you said this Gale was a young American.
Example #2
He said he had no money, no friends.
Example #3
It was kind and mellow and earnest.
Example #4
Gale heard footsteps on flagstones.
Example #5
If Nell happens around don't-don't flatter her, Laddy, like you did at dinner.
Example #6
That young man and the girl will be starved.