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Definition of Beleaguer

  • To surround with an army so as to preclude escape; to besiege; to blockade.
  • surround so as to force to give up
  • annoy persistently

How to use beleaguer in a sentence. Beleaguer pronunciation.

The only hope was that the enemies would draw off; but if they saw that water was already short, they would be encouraged to continue to beleaguer the place.
Then, when he hath got to earth with such ragged handful as escapeth us-all his great friends fallen and fled away, and none to give him aid-we shall beleaguer that old fox about, and great shall be the fall of him.
Turnus undaunted harangues his men and beleaguers the camp (145-198).
Make a detour through some pass, forestall your foes, beleaguer them, protect our troops!
When the waters beleaguer the home of the peasant in Holland, the sea or the neighbouring river having swept down the dyke that protected the country, most pressing is it then for the peasant to safeguard his cattle, his grain, his effects; but wisest to fly to the top of the dyke, summoning those who live with him, and from thence meet the flood, and do battle.
Associated Words: obsidional, besiege, beleaguer, obsess, obsession, beset.
And as when a smoke issueth from a city and riseth up into the upper air, from an island afar off that foes beleaguer, while the others from their city fight all day in hateful war,-but with the going down of the sun blaze out the beacon-fires in line, and high aloft rusheth up the glare for dwellers round about to behold, if haply they may come with ships to help in need-thus from the head of Achilles soared that blaze toward the heavens.

Examples of Beleaguer

Example #1
Will was unable to explain his reasons to the chief; but the latter, seeing how great was the advantage that they had already gained, by following the counsel of their white visitors in the matter of the hedge, acquiesced at once in their wishes.
Example #2
The natives were not slow to recognize the weak point of their defense One or two of the men, taking water baskets, were about to go to the stream; but Will made signs to the chief that they must not do this.
Example #3
We shall make that passage dearer, pardy, than any battle.
Example #4
He had liever a gold noble and a pottle of canary wine than all the vengeances in purgatory.
Example #5
Nisus and Euryalus scheme, and petition, to sally forth to find AEneas and a rescue.
Example #6
When they entrench themselves within their lines, he attempts to burn their ships, which are thereupon changed by Cybele into nymphs, and float away (1-144).