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How to use belovéd in a sentence. Belovéd pronunciation.

Belovéd Goddess of the chainless mind!
In this belovéd marble view Above the works and thoughts of Man, What Nature _could_ but _would not_ do, And Beauty and Canova _can!
Were it not easy, Sir, and is't not sweet To make thyself belovéd?

Examples of Belovéd

Example #1
Born far beyond the mountains, but his blood Is all meridian, as if never fanned By the black wind that chills the polar flood.[ie] 12.
Example #2
But the distraction of a various lot, As various as the climates of our birth.
Example #3
To him this dungeon was a gulf, And fettered feet the worst of ills.
Example #4
A double dungeon wall and wave Have made-and like a living grave.
Example #5
Ban," gives this passage as the earliest instance of the use of the verb "to ban" in the sense of "to interdict, to prohibit.
Example #6
This_ is to be a monarch, and repress Envy into unutterable praise.