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He also formed a league with Ben-Hadad, king of Syria, and, with a large bribe, induced him to break with Baasha, king of Israel.
The name Hadad occurs again in Ben-hadad, and belonged to a Syrian god; so that the king of Zobah's name, meaning 'Hadad [is] help,' may be taken as the banner flaunted in the face of the army of Israel, and as making the war a struggle of the false against the true God.
A treaty had subsequently been concluded and broken a war followed thereafter, in which Ben-hadad, King of Syria, had bound himself to restore all his conquests.
The fall of Damascus meant the end of a hundred and fifty years' war, commenced by Ben-hadad I, of Syria, against Israel, long before Jeroboam's great-grandfather established the dynasty of Jehu on the throne of Israel.

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In the year A.D. 54, and in the fourteenth of his reign, Claudius, exhausted by the affairs of State, and also, it is said, by intemperance, fell sick at Rome, and sought the medicinal waters of Sinuessa.
Example #2
His reign lasted forty years, and he was succeeded by his son Jehoshaphat, B.C. 954.
Example #3
The war with the same enemies narrated in 2 Samuel viii.
Example #4
That state had apparently started into prominence under its king Hadar- ezer, as he is called in this chapter, which is obviously a clerical error for Hadad-ezer, as in 2 Samuel viii.
Example #5
His work was over, and now he had only to take steps to secure the completion by others of the triumph which he would never see.
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This incident has many applications to the work of the Church in the world, but not less important ones to individual progress, and we consider these mainly now. I.