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Ponder for a moment the richness of nature, its similarity and variety, its sameness and its diversity; consider the abundance of the harvest-the glowing fruits, the green and golden crops, the sweet-scented flowers and gift-bearing grasses; see the stars above and the waters beneath-all the wonders of earth and sky; and then when you have ranged over fields and waves and mountains, when you have climbed up the steeps of the sky and gazed on the marvels of the heavens, descend again to earth and consider the human form-the chiefest work of the Almighty hand, and the crown of the natural world.
Then she swayed, lost her balance, stumbled, staggered, and fell, sliding down over the sun-baked roof and crashing off it through the tangle of Virginia creeper beneath-all before the dismayed circle below could give a simultaneous, terrified shriek.
Good and evil, love and hate, night and day, sweet and bitter, man and woman, heaven above and the earth beneath-all these things are necessary, one to the other, and who knows the end of each?
It is a Madonna and child in clouds, with two full-length saints standing beneath-all the figures life- size.

Examples of Beneath-all

Example #1
What beauties are here concealed!
Example #2
It is filled with pleasures and allurements and graced with myriad charms; and he, indeed, seems cold of heart who can easily turn from its enchanting beauties, and close his ear to its manifold voices.
Example #3
If Anne had tumbled off the roof on the side up which she had ascended Diana would probably have fallen heir to the pearl bead ring then and there.
Example #4
Nevertheless, she managed to take several steps before the catastrophe came.
Example #5
I tell thee that there is a hand of fate that twines them up to bear the burden of its purpose, and all things are gathered in that great rope to which all things are needful.
Example #6
Therefore doth it not become us to say this thing is evil and this good, or the dark is hateful and the light lovely; for to other eyes than ours the evil may be the good and the darkness more beautiful than the day, or all alike be fair.