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How to use bergh in a sentence. Bergh pronunciation.

Mr. L.PH.C. VAN DEN BERGH te danken hebben, medegedeeld in LEENDERTZ' uitgave van _Der Minnen Loep_. Vgl.
Count Van, den Bergh, another brother-in-law of Orange, proved himself signally unworthy of the illustrious race to which he was allied.
With the flight of Van den Bergh, all the cities which, under his guidance, had raised the standard of Orange, deserted the cause at once.

Examples of Bergh

Example #1
Op dat deel harer baan zullen wij de ontwikkeling dezer volken nu gaan volgen.
Example #2
Dat volk moest nog een aanzienlijk deel van de baan zijner ontwikkeling afleggen, eer de herboren Oudheid haar invloed ook in deze landen kon doen gevoelen, eer het nationaliteitsgevoel ruimer en sterker kon worden.
Example #3
He had, in the earlier part of the year, received the homage of the cities of Gelderland and Overyssel, on behalf of the patriot Prince.
Example #4
He now basely abandoned the field where he had endeavoured to gather laurels while the sun of success had been shining.
Example #5
Friesland too, where Robles obtained a victory over six thousand patriots, again submitted to the yoke.
Example #6
In his flight he was plundered by his own people, while his wife, Mary of Nassau, then far advanced in pregnancy, was left behind, disguised as a peasant girl, in an obscure village.