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How to use better-if in a sentence. Better-if pronunciation.

He can have company-the more the better-if it'll keep him content.
Then suddenly kneeling down by the bed she put her hand on the other's arm: "Aunt Anne, I'll do anything for you-anything-to make you better-if I can help ... but not a promise, I can't promise.
Oh well then, if Gudrun WOULD teach her, it would be perfect-couldn't be anything better-if Winifred is an artist.

Examples of Better-if

Example #1
He mustn't move, that's all.
Example #2
Ladd and Jim came peeping in at the door.
Example #3
Ah, but you will stay," Aunt Anne's whisper trembled with its certainty.
Example #4
That seemed the climax of the night to Maggie then.
Example #5
Because Gudrun somewhere is one.
Example #6
But Birkin's manner was full of reminder.