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How to use bevue in a sentence. Bevue pronunciation.

You are too great a statesman to commit such a bevue.
Toutefois n'allez pas, sur cette surete, Donner de vos revers au projet que je tente, Me faire une bevue, et rompre mon attente.
I was amazed one day when a footman, who had committed some _bevue_ or blunder, or apprehended something, actually turned pale and stammered with terror when Lord Lytton gravely addressed a question to him.

Examples of Bevue

Example #1
Orloff, who has never forgiven you for succeeding him in Catharine's favor, Orloff asks no greater triumph than that of harnessing your highness to the ear of HIS political proclivities.
Example #2
I long to fold them to my poor aching heart.
Example #3
Aupres d'Anselme encor nous vous excuserons, Pour en pouvoir tirer ce que nous desirons ; Mais si dorenavant votre imprudence eclate, Adieu, vous dis, mes soins pour l'objet qui vous flatte.
Example #4
Malgre tous mes serments, je n'ai pu m'en defendre, Et pour vos interets, que je voulais laisser, En de nouveaux perils viens de m'embarrasser.
Example #5
I never in my life saw a man so much frightened, even before a revolver.
Example #6
But there was evidently enough a firm bed-rock or hard pan under all this gold.