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Between the Bolderberg beds and the Rupelian clay there is a great gap in Belgium, which seems, according to M. Beyrich, to be filled up in the North of Germany by what he calls the Sternberg beds, and which, had Dumont found them in Belgium, he might probably have termed Upper Rupelian.
Professor Beyrich has described a mass of clay, used for making tiles, within seven miles of the gates of Berlin, near the village of Hermsdorf, rising up from beneath the sands with which that country is chiefly overspread.
Professor Beyrich has made known to us the existence of a long succession of marine strata in North Germany, which lead by an almost gradual transition from beds of Upper Miocene age to others of the age of the base of the Lower Miocene.
Professor Beyrich confines the term "Miocene" to those strata which agree in age with the faluns of Touraine, and he has proposed the term "Oligocene" for those older formations called Lower Miocene in this work.
When this map was constructed I classed as the newer part of the Eocene those Tertiary strata which have been described in the last chapter as Lower Miocene, and to which M. Beyrich has given the name of Oligocene.
Sphaerexochus mirus, Beyrich; coiled up.
Beyrich on term Oligocene for Lower Miocene.

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Progressive development indicated by low grade of early mammals.
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Lower Miocene Strata of France.
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In none of the Belgian Lower Miocene strata could I find any nummulites; and M. d'Archiac had previously observed that these foraminifera characterise his "Lower Tertiary Series," as contrasted with the Middle, and they therefore serve as a good test of age between Eocene and Miocene, at least in Belgium and the North of France.
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This clay is more than forty feet thick, of a dark bluish-grey colour, and, like that of Rupelmonde, contains septaria.