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How to use bible-school in a sentence. Bible-school pronunciation.

Our Bible-schools might be doubled in numbers and effectiveness if Christian men and women, well qualified for the task, could be induced to respond to the strong demand for more teachers.
These classes could and should be made auxiliary to the Sunday Bible-school.
Besides, much talent not available upon Sunday, at the time of the session of the Bible-school, might be utilized.

Examples of Bible-school

Example #1
There is no reason why Bible instruction and Christian teaching should be wholly confined to Sunday.
Example #2
The laity for the most part assumes a receptive attitude.
Example #3
In them there would be time for that larger instruction which is so much needed and for which no opportunity is found under the present arrangement.
Example #4
It is time that the church made an aggressive move upon the week-days and began the establishment of night schools (for a definite term) for the systematic study of the Bible for adults and short after day school catechetical classes for children.
Example #5
This is an age of clubs organized for the study of ancient and modern secular literature, where careful and scholarly papers are read upon subjects given out long in advance.